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Hands That Created

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A song of the cross


Hands that created the vast universe
Now carry the scars of my sin
Arms that commanded the darkness to flee
Stretched out on a cross to redeem

Though I’ve not seen you
My heart still believes
I know you’ve taken my shame
When I was searching to find my way home
Jesus you called me by name


Emmanuel God is with us
The Nations Hope has come to Earth
There is no greater love
Than Him who died for me
Here I stand amazed in awe of You

I hear You call me boldly to come
Up to the higher place
Your Spirit draws me closer to You
Into the light of your face
Myriads of angels cry out as one
Blessing and honour and praise
Power and glory be unto You
Unto the Ancient of days

Glorious powerful You reign
Almighty God I lavish You with praise
You Shine from the heavens
Your glory fills the skies
My Shepherd King, Jesus Christ

© 2011 Angie Lendon/Deep Blue Publishing