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It’s been four years since the release of Angie’s first album ‘Honesty’, but it has certainly been worth the wait. Worship leader at New Life Church, Hull, Angie once again produces a diverse set of tracks showcasing her beautiful, clear vocal talent that has appeal across many genres of praise and worship music. Notable, God praising lyrics feature in “Worthy Are You Lord” and “Jesus I Love You” would be well suited to many a contemporary music event and the funky intro to “Wake Up” gives a bright, edgy feel to otherwise traditional lyrics. “Your Grace Amazes Me” combines outstanding, powerful vocals and for the well assembled backing band, a nod must go to Andy Green and Dan Wheeler. “My God Does Miracles” shows this wife and mother of two doesn’t shy away from the up-tempo tracks and in fact performs these very convincingly. Hopefully there won’t be a four year gap until Angie’s next album.

Cross Rhythms Magazine

The CD is in my car and is played over and over, and often tears rolling down my face as I am driving longing to see God move in this nation. You put into words and song all that our hearts cry out to God for, and praising Him for all He has done also. Its all about You Jesus. Hallelujah!

Angie you are a truly blessed and anointed minister of worship and song. May the Lord continue to bless and increase you bringing deliverance to the captives and bringing many souls into the Kingdom of God.

Megan Cook

It’s been more than three years since Angie’s debut release, and the wait has definitely been worth while. Here’s a woman who’s sure of her faith and not ashamed to declare it. ‘Amazing Days’ is the opening song, and that’s just what it’s about. It’s well sung, well produced, and is bound to make a few radio play lists. ‘Worthy Are You Lord’ is another really strong track and it was with this song I became aware of Angie’s delivery being akin to that of Amy Grant. Her vocals have really matured over the last couple of year’s and Angie is on top form with ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. Her style is easy listening, adult pop and there’s unashamed praise and worship of Jesus in songs like ‘Jesus I Love You’ and ‘You Said Ask’. Numerous songs have that infectiousness that make Amy Grant so popular around the world, on both side of the Atlantic, and Angie produces the same on catchy number’s like ‘You Are Wonderful’ and ‘Open the Windows of Heaven’. She’s one of a new breed of female singer songwriters in the UK, along with Chris Mercer and Rachel MacDonald. Enjoy the lyrics, enjoy the songs, and enjoy getting close to God. This album is a triumph. 10/10

Never For Nothing Magazine Album of the year 2008


This is the debut album of new name Angie. It is nicely recorded at db Studios in incoln and produced by Howard Williams, who must be complimented for his choice of musicians and intuitive musical production. Howard also plays keyboards and provides BVs plus writing “So Much More”. I must mention drummer Rick Holland whose cymbal work is par excellence. Angie opens with a haunting first verse of the old hymn “It Is Well”, which leads straight into the upbeat “God Is My Salvation,” which is a superb track. Angie has written most of the songs herself and has already received praise and backing from Chris Bowater for her work. There is a nice balance between ballads and the faster paced songs. Both “No Eye Has Seen” and “The Way, The Truth, The Life” have a natural flow and it would be easy to introduce them into your local fellowship’s worship catalogue, as that is surely where these songs originate from – the heart of a worshipper. Angie’s voice has the power of someone who has grown up through the ’80s clubs and is reminiscent of early Sheila Walsh; although when I first heard her singing I thought it was Verity from ITV’s the Xfactor! Her voice has depth and clarity which really brings out the best in worship songs. A real standout is “The Church That I See”, a truly prophetic song.

Reviewed by Brian Edgeley for Cross Rhythms

I love the passion & energy that Angie puts into her worship leading & writing. There is not a hint of striving but an overwhelming sense of devotion & love for Jesus. For those looking for great new songs, excellently produced & presented, this album needs to be heard. There are songs here that deserve greater recognition – the truth is, they have already been acknowledged by her beloved Saviour. In a sense, that`s all that matters.

Chris Bowater

“Angie Lendon really has captured the essence of her album’s title “Honesty”, with a raw, personal, authentic release that combines the heights of praise with tender moments of quiet, reflective “honest” worship. Angie’s strong vocals and driving guitars have been recorded with style and it feels as though she’s singing from the heart, into your room. A beautiful, dynamic and inspiring recording. I highly commend this album for God lovers, song hunters and worship leaders everywhere!”

Jarrod Cooper

It’s always great when I receive an independently recorded CD because of the unexpected listening pleasure it may or may not reveal. Well, this one, I’m pleased to say, is a goody. Mixing fine tunes with intelligent lyrics, Angie has come up with a debut that would sit nicely with her bigger name contemporaries. “God is My Salvation” is a song of proclamation and you soon start singing along and tapping your feet. There’s a light country feel to “No Eye Has Seen” but it’s the Dido style of “So Much More” that raises this release to a high standard. It’s a great pop song and deserves some concerted airplay. I think I noticed some Chrissie Hynd influences in some of Angie’s vocals and that’s no bad thing. It’s especially noticeable on another super song, “The Lord is Mighty” and “The Way, The Truth, The Light”, complete with infectious chorus. Add to the listing “My Prayer” where she truly captures the very essence of worship, you have a terrific debut album from a young lady who should go far in the world of CCM. 10/10

Geoff Howlett, Never For Nothing Magazine


This release from Kingston-upon-Hull’s New Life Church (headed up by pastor and singer/songwriter Jarrod Cooper who acts as executive producer here) is very much in the same vein as other contemporary live worship albums out there today. Refreshingly, it contains only original songs – written and performed by worship leaders Paul Hemingway, Angie Lendon, Darren Clarkson and Liezel Goosen – and credit must be given for resisting the temptation to sing over-exposed material.

Of the 13 tracks on offer, Angie Lendon’s “Oh Great God (Windows Of Heaven)” and “Thy Kingdom Come” stand out as songs of potential. Unfortunately the remainder of the songs here are fairly average. Another minus is that the recording is somewhat hampered by tinny production and an untidy mix which tends to drown out the male singers – especially evident in the otherwise enjoyable gospel number “Come Bless The Lord”. Having said that, the inlay card does state that this is raw worship and there is no doubt that this is God-glorifying stuff featuring musicians giving their all to the Lord.

Special mention must go to Angie Lendon whose considerable vocal skills lift the proceedings and salvage the album to some extent. Also included in the package are sheet music of the songs as well as some music videos.

Reviewed by Lins Honeyman for Crossrhythms Magazine

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