Prophetic Worship

Kingdom Liberty UK releases Angie Lendon to travel the UK to bring forth a song into the atmosphere, calling out to the masses in prophetic praise to lift up the name of Jesus, declaring to the earth that Jesus reigns and bringing heaven to earth as we delve deeper into the heart of God and soar higher into the heavenlies to bring forth the power, glory and manifest presence of God.

There is no rush or jumping from one song to the next to get through a set, you are invited to dwell in the presence of God as the Holy Spirit enters each place of worship, hearing the voice of God and releasing it in song bringing liberty to the bound, salvation to the lost, love to the hurting, healing to the sick and restoration to those that are broken.

I attended a session of worship were I went forward and was sung over by Angie she sang that I was a warrior a great warrior and that deep deep deep in my soul there is sound that is going to surprise even me and release me from fear. I felt overcome with peace . I could feel that stirring deep deep down. Afterwards I felt that it was time to ask for healing for abuse as God was with me I knew I was safe. Through this encounter relationships are being restored and the song sung over me revealed the truth for my life.

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